Looking back, I realise I’ve always followed my nose. No Plan. I must have a very good guardian angel because somehow it’s always turned for the best.

After a stint of school teaching, I ran the Institute of Contemporary Art in Sydney in the mid-1970s. Then I returned to academe, teaching in the post-graduate English as a Foreign Language Programme at Sydney University, running it for some years and hauling in a Master in Applied Linguistics along the way.

All the while – nearly 20 years – I lived a double life. From 1985 to 2000 I was Visual and Performing Arts Critic for the Australian Financial Review. In the mid-1990s I was a producer and presenter on SBS TV’s arts show, Imagine as well as writing books and essays on the visual arts and the theatre. I managed to fit in a PhD on ritual in 20th Century theatre, focussing on the work of Australian playwright, Jack Hibberd. Post-Sydney University I taught in undergraduate and post-graduate visual arts and design programmes at the University of New South Wales.

Then architecture entered the picture. I edited Monument magazine (twice!) before becoming Editorial Director at Indesign Media. Here, over more than 12 years, I edited Indesign magazine and was founding editor of Habitus magazine in 2009 – collecting a Master in Architecture in the process just to prove I knew what I was talking about. And so as no to waste my television experience, I made a number of videos on architecture and the visual arts.

… and now

I’ve published 17 books – on the theatre, the visual arts and architecture, especially residential architecture in S-E Asia.

But writing books and holding down a full-time job is tricky. So, now I work for myself in order to progress several new books, mainly on the visual arts. I remain Consulting Editor to Indesign Media – strategising, developing content and writing articles for Indesign and Habitus with occasional forays into corporate writing, principally for architectural practices.


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